Skooliepalooza 2023: the ungathering

In honor of all nomads worldwide, the anarchist, the hippy, the artist, the crafter, the private ones, the lost ones, the known ones and the loved ones we present: “SkooliePalooza 2023: The Ungathering”.

What is an ungathering?

The ungathering is a non-event taking place in Ehrenberg, AZ around JAN 23, 2023 AT 7 AM – JAN 29, 2023.

Doesn’t it usually have two weekends?

Yes SkooliePalooza normally has two weekends. As the dates were published long ago, we decided not to change them. However, it is being held on public land and you come early and leave late if you wish. Party on!

What is the cost?

In the spirit of the original event and the fact that this in an ungathering, non-event… admission is free. Each person is responsible for themselves and any permits required for access to public land.

What is the catch?

This is a non-event, and ungathering. If you attend you accept all responsibility and risk. This is not an official Skooliepalooza or The Skoolie Way event. There will be no official services. It is a non-event for those who prefer non-events and ungatherings. However, if you attend you attest that you will follow Leave No Trace principles.

I want to vend or teach, how?

As this is not an official or organized event, do as you wish. If you charge money you are legally required to have a permit from BLM. For those that are looking to teach workshops for free there is an Activity form to help let people know the what and where.

What about Rangers?

As this is a non-event and ungathering, if you practice Leave No Trace and keep the area clean they may leave us alone. Or, they may disperse us like last year.

What about those other (paid) events?

They are coming. We are currently working with locations around the United States for official, sanctioned events and gatherings featuring the Skooliepalooza and The Skoolie Way communities.

How do you register/attend?

This is a free ungathering and non-event. Everyone is welcome, Skoolie or not. Just show up, be nice and enjoy.

What is the end game?

We (@intrepidusvita) wish to build a community around The Skoolie Way of which Skooliepalooza is a part of. This will be an inclusive community that follows a 3 basic principles:

  1. Be Nice and Courteous
  2. Be Helpful
  3. Pay it forward